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ESMEC 2023 - European School of Medicinal Chemistry – 42nd Edition

The Medicinal Chemistry Division of the Società Chimica Italiana is organizing, with the support of the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology (EFMC), the 42nd Edition of the European School of Medicinal Chemistry (ESMEC 2023), an EFMC Certified School.

The ESMEC is addressed to PhD students and young researchers from both Academia and Industry, with the aim of covering hot topics and new methodologies in medicinal chemistry. To achieve these very ambitious goals, the School is divided into thematic sessions.

The scientific programme includes the following topics:

  • Pharmacomicrobiomics: the complex world of drug-microbiome interactions
  • Artificial Intelligence-based retrosynthesis
  •  Mechanochemistry: A Sustainable Tool to Navigate the Uncharted Chemical Space
  • Preventing the turn! Atropisomerism in drug discovery
  • Market Watch: New Drug Approval in 2022 and Synthetic Strategies
Medicinal Chemistry Division, Società Chimica Italiana
Urbino (Italy)
2 Luglio, 2023
6 Luglio, 2023
Marco Macchia

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