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This conference joins together MASSA 2022, a yearly conference devoted to mass spectrometry and its applications in different fields, and the 4th MS WINEDAY specially devoted to use, application and innovation of mass spectrometry in oenology and in brewing.

In the first two days (June 20-22), MASSA 2022 will cover topics related to

Data Validation

Polymeric material

Natural substances

Life Sciences


all fields of great importance and develop in which mass spectrometry plays a key role.

In the last two days (June 22-24), 4th MS WINEDAY will be focused on mass spectrometry in wine, oenology and brewing.
In the last thirty years, Sicilian wine-oenology has been intensively reviewed and restructured, thus giving light to its dynamic entrepreneurial skills with both professional figures (Oenologists and Agronomists) and qualified managerial figures, all of whom have brought radical changes and improvements to this field.
One distinct theme characterising this edition of the 4th MS WINEDAY is “Beer and its sensory and biological properties.” The Sicilian beer sector has flourished in recent years, making high quality beer that’s deeply Sicilian, infused with the island's traditional aromas and flavours such as chocolate and prickly pear.
Main topics are:

Vineyard grape quality monitoring and remote sensing

Oenological processes

Proteomics and metabolomics of grape and wine

Volatile & aroma compounds of grape, wine, distillates

Beer and its sensory and biological properties

MASSA 2022 - 4th MS WINEDAY will be held in Sicily at the Agriturismo Badiula (Farmhouse Badiula) in the splendid Sicilian hinterland.
The conference is aimed to offer the opportunity to meet and discuss the state-of-the-art, instrumentation, methodology, innovation and applications of mass spectrometry in different fields.
Further, the conference will be a good opportunity to link industrial needs with academic knowledge and to promote networking, discussion and cooperation among scientists coming from public and private institutions, universities, industries, control and research institutes.

Società Chimica Italiana - Divisione di Spettrometria di Massa
Agriturismo Badiula C.da Badiula 96013 Carlentini (SR) - ITALY
20 Giugno, 2022
24 Giugno, 2022

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