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Scheda Membro del Direttivo

Elena Lenci
(Divisione di Didattica Chimica)

Dipartimento di Chimica “Ugo Schiff”
Università degli Studi di Firenze

Elena Lenci is a late stage PhD student at Università degli Studi di Firenze. She received the MSc in Chemical Sciences at the same university with full marks and honor. Her main research activity is focused on novel Diversity Oriented Synthesis strategies for the synthesis of amino acid- and sugar-derived molecular scaffolds, and their applications to medicinal chemistry projects. In 2015 she has been awarded with the Reaxys - Italian Chemical Society Young Researcher Award in the category Life Sciences, Medicinal and Organic Chemistry. She is author of six publications in peer-reviewed journals and ten conference communications. Besides her work in organic chemistry, she is interested in teaching and learning chemistry at all levels, including pedagogical methods and related research. In 2015 she majored in teaching with the special Italian Teachers Traineeship (TFA) and she has been acknowledged as a licensed teacher of Chemistry in Italian secondary school system. In 2016 she became a board-member in the Young Group of the Italian Chemical Society, representing the division of Chemical Education. Her personal aim for this 3-years activity in SCI is that of proposing to young SCI members opportunities and activities to connect each other and share ideas, especially with other chemists of the European Young Chemistry Network. Concerning her role in the Chemical Education division, she would like to promote the interaction between school and university, in order to make young people closer to the beautiful world of chemistry and life sciences. In her free time she likes reading, traveling and visiting new places.

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