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Scheda Membro del Direttivo

Gloria Mazzone
(Divisione di Chimica Inorganica)

Dipartimento di Chimica e Tecnologie Chimiche
Università della Calabria

Gloria Mazzone is a post-doctoral researcher at the Università della Calabria. In the Computational and Theoretical Chemistry group she got the MSc in Chemistry in 2006 and the PhD in Methods in Inorganic Chemistry in 2010. Her research activity is mainly focused on the application of DFT and ab initio methods to the study of structures and properties of complex systems, with particular reference to reaction mechanisms, molecular interactions in solution and physicochemical properties. She spent a visiting period as MSc in Lugano (Switzerland) working on the application of ab-initio molecular dynamic for the simulation of vinyl acetate monomer formation on PdAu bimetallic surfaces. She has been awarded for the best poster price during the 38th National Conference of Inorganic Chemistry of the Italian Chemical Society (2010). She is author of 25 publications in peer-reviewed journals and 20 conference communications. She counts about 200 citations (h-index = 8). She is assistant teacher in General Chemistry for BSc courses in Chemistry and Pharmacy. She is board-member in the Young Group of the Italian Chemical Society representing the division of Inorganic Chemistry.

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