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Table of Contents

Chapter 1Synthesis and reactivity of pyridin-4-ols based on the three-component reaction 1 of alkoxyallenes, nitriles and carboxylic acids
Chapter 2Heterocycles and natural products synthesis through oxidative dearomatization
Chapter 3Progresses for accessing α’-methoxy-γ-pyrone heterocycle: applications to the synthesis 63 of verticipyrone and aureothin
Chapter 4Multicomponent strategies for the diversity-oriented synthesis of blue emissive heterocyclic 85 chromophores
Chapter 5Advances in N- and O-demethylation of opiates
Chapter 6Green synthesis of 1,3,5-triazines with applications in supramolecular and material chemistry
Chapter 7A journey through the oxadiazole-based compounds: from synthesis to applications
Chapter 8Microwave and mechanochemistry: tools for the sustainable synthesis of pyrroles, porphyrins 197 and related macrocycles
Chapter 9Enyne metathesis reactions in the synthesis of small ring heterocycles
Chapter 10Recent developments in the synthesis of aromatic heterocycles by SRN1 and related 247 mechanisms
Chapter 11Galanthamine
Chapter 12Regiospecific preparation of substituted furans from some 5-substituted derivatives of 316 1,1-diethoxyalk-3-yn-2-ones
Chapter 13Regiocontrolled 1,3-dipolar cycloadditions of nitrile imines with acetylenes and 337 α,β-unsaturated systems: synthesis of polysubstituted and ring fused pyrazoles with pharmaceutical activity
Chapter 14Recent synthetic developments and reactivity of aromatic indolizines
Chapter 15Carbopalladation cascades to access heterocyclic componds: our endeavors
Chapter 16Iminosugars and related heterocycles with quaternary carbon adjacent to nitrogen: 409 synthesis and biological properties
Chapter 17Synthesis of azachrysenes and multi-nitrogenated derivatives

Table of Contents


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