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Table of Contents

Chapter 1Disubstituted 1,2,3-triazoles as amide bond mimetics
Chapter 2The synthesis of azahelicenes
Chapter 3Advances and challenges in the synthesis of pyrrole systems of a limited access
Chapter 4Construction of 1,4,6,10-tetraazaadamantanes via intramolecular oxime/hydrazine cyclotrimerization approach
Chapter 5Quinoxaline synthesis by domino reactions
Chapter 6Thiourea-amine catalysed asymmetric synthesis of functionalised epoxides
Chapter 7Cyclic benzoxathiazine 2,2-dioxides: versatile electrophiles for asymmetric catalysis
Chapter 8Recent advances in catalytic asymmetric cascade reactions of 3-isothiocyanato oxindoles for synthesis of spirooxindoles
Chapter 9Recent advances in catalytic asymmetric cycloaddition reactions of ortho-quinone methides for synthesis of O-heterocycles
Chapter 10Visible light-induced photocatatalytic synthesis of five-membered nitrogen heterocycles
Chapter 11Cycloadditions with mesoionic dipoles: strategy and control
Chapter 12Pd and Cu-mediated domino reactions for the synthesis of sulfur heterocycles
Chapter 132,3-Methanopyrrolidines: synthesis and ring-opening transformations
Chapter 14Synthetic approaches towards 2-spiropseudoindoxyls
Chapter 15Recent advances in aminopyrazoles synthesis and functionalization
Chapter 16Atropisomeric bis-heterocycles as chiral pools for asymmetric transformations
Chapter 17Synthesis of 1,4-benzoxathiin-9H-purine derivatives as antiproliferative agents
Chapter 18Synthesis of fused aromatic N-heterocycles by tandem site-selective palladium-catalyzed C-C and C-N coupling reactions

Table of Contents


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