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Chemical News

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Searching for better biomarkers for metabolic syndrome

14 giugno, 2022 - 22:09
The most commonly used clinical tests don’t accurately predict risk of diabetes and heart disease in Black, Hispanic, and Native American people

Strong hydrogel adhesive comes painlessly off sensitive skin

14 giugno, 2022 - 18:05
Bandages made with the adhesive detach gently from skin when chilled and accelerate wound healing in rats

Chemistry in Pictures: Sunflower

14 giugno, 2022 - 17:23

Chemical safety board chair resigns

13 giugno, 2022 - 17:57
Katherine Lemos served as only board member for 2 years

Law professor nominated to Chemical Safety Board

13 giugno, 2022 - 17:55
Catherine Sandoval investigated incidents as a California Public Utilities commissioner

A practical membrane separates gasoline from crude oil

13 giugno, 2022 - 16:00
Stable nanoporous membrane could be made on large scale using established techniques

Flying the low-carbon skies on sustainable aviation fuel

12 giugno, 2022 - 18:48
Airlines are eager to switch to renewable, low-carbon fuel—as soon as there’s enough to go around

Monitoring glycan levels could catch sepsis before symptoms appear

12 giugno, 2022 - 18:47
New research in mice looks at changes in blood’s carbohydrate levels during sepsis, offering hope for improved diagnostics

Air quality expert Richard L. Corsi discusses the complexity of cleaning indoor air

12 giugno, 2022 - 18:47
If you’ve seen—or built—a DIY air filter box, you can probably thank this University of California, Davis, engineering dean

Career Ladder: Benjamin Eyer

12 giugno, 2022 - 18:47
How this chemist used his scientific skills to grow a career in the wine industry

Enzyme protects bacteria from toxic gold

12 giugno, 2022 - 18:45
GolR reductase might be harnessed to purify the precious metal from electronic waste

For the first time, US EPA orders testing of a PFAS chemical

11 giugno, 2022 - 23:54
Chemours and DuPont required to conduct safety studies on firefighting foam ingredient

Lightweight but strong ‘wood armor’ can fend off bullets

11 giugno, 2022 - 23:53
Inspired by a fish’s natural defense to piranhas, layered lignocellulose creates a rugged material

EPA Green Chemistry Challenge Awards announced in hybrid meeting

11 giugno, 2022 - 23:53
Awardees recognized for improving the sustainability of various chemical processes

Colorado bans PFAS in oil- and gas-extraction products

11 giugno, 2022 - 23:53
State also prohibits sale of cosmetics, food packaging, and other items with these chemicals added intentionally

Chemistry Olympiad study camp begins

11 giugno, 2022 - 23:53
Students compete to represent the US at the 54th International Chemistry Olympiad

Firms partner for hydrogen to Japan

11 giugno, 2022 - 23:51

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