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Table of Contents

Chapter 1Advances in the synthesis and Kinase inhibitory potencies of non-fused indazole derivatives
Chapter 2Preparation of racemic and optically active trifluoromethyl aziridines and azetidines
Chapter 3Applications of ring rearrangements involving a participating side chain for the synthesis of five membered heterocycles
Chapter 4Recent advances in catalytic asymmetric synthesis of pyrazoline and pyrazolidine derivatives
Chapter 5An overview on asymmetric synthesis of 3-substituted indolinones
Chapter 6Variation of the cation of ionic liquids: the effects on their physicochemical properties and reaction outcome
Chapter 7Triazole-containing carbohydrate mimetics: synthesis and biological applications
Chapter 8(Thio)urea-catalyzed formation of heterocyclic compounds

Table of contents
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