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Table of Contents

Chapter 1Recent advances in the chemistry of 1,10-phenanthrolines and their metal complex derivatives
Chapter 2An overview on heterocyclic podophyllotoxin derivatives
Chapter 3Camphor-derived heterocycles: syntheses and potential applications
Chapter 4Dipolar cycloaddition of N-oxides of azines and azoles to difluoroalkenes
Chapter 5Three-component ring transformation using ammonium acetate as a nitrogen source
Chapter 61′-Homonucleosides with two and three heteroatoms in the five-membered rings - A review
Chapter 7Chemistry and biology of salinomycin and its analogues
Chapter 8Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of heterocyclic aminoglycosides
Chapter 9Synthesis and biological activity of the liposidomycins and caprazamycins, members of a novel class of diazepanone-containing nucleosides
Chapter 10Construction of heterocyclic lignans in natural product synthesis and medicinal chemistry
Chapter 11Synthesis of isoxazolidines by 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition: recent advances

Table of Contents


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