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Al Socio Paolo Oliveri, Vicepresidente della Sezione Liguria, assegnato un prestigioso riconoscimento da Elsevier


The 2020 Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems Award Committee has the pleasure to announce the winner of the tenth edition of this award as Dr Paolo Oliveri from the University of Genova (Italy). This decision was made after considering the quality of his contributions to the field of Chemometrics and for his continuing efforts to extend its application to Analytical, Food and Forensic Chemistry.

Paolo Oliveri got his MSc degree in Medicinal Chemistry and Technology, cum laude, in 2006 and his PhD in Sciences and Technologies of Chemistry and Materials in 2010, at the University of Genova (Italy). He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Research Group in Analytical Chemistry and Chemometrics at the University of Genova, Department of Pharmacy (DIFAR). His research is mainly focused on spectroscopic analytical methods, hyperspectral imaging and chemometrics, with a special focus on signal processing and one-class pattern recognition techniques (class-modelling). 

Elsevier and the Award Committee honour Dr Oliveri for his involvement in the development of chemometrics in the last 5 years and look forward to celebrating this achievement in person at the next Chemometrics in Analytical Chemistry conference in 2021. 

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