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Division of Chemistry for Technologies

Claudio Imparato, Consigliere

Dept. of Chemical, Materials, and Industrial Production Engineering
University of Napoli Federico II

Claudio Imparato is a postdoc researcher at the University of Naples Federico II and deals with materials chemistry.
His educational path at the same University started from Environmental Science and Technology, going through Industrial Chemistry and through a PhD in Industrial Product and Process Engineering (curriculum Materials Engineering). He received his PhD in January 2019, with a thesis about titanium oxide based materials for catalysis. During the PhD, under the supervision of Prof. Antonio Aronne, he took part in a project with ENEA Research Center on thin films for solar cells and spent a visiting period at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, in the group of photocatalysis.
Currently Claudio is going on with the research activity dealing with the design, synthesis and characterization of materials for industrial, energy or environmental applications. He focuses in particular on the sol-gel method to prepare mixed and hybrid metal oxides and on thermal analysis and spectroscopy techniques. The studied materials show catalytic or photocatalytic properties in pollutants degradation, biomass conversion or hydrogen production.
Claudio has attended several national and international conferences, workshops and schools, and has started to collect teaching experience by tutoring activities and support in the Chemistry course for Engineering students.
Persuaded of the importance of exchange and collaboration, Claudio wants to well represent the newborn Division “Chimica per le Tecnologie” and to commit himself to make SCI Giovani an even better reference for young people involved in the world of chemistry, a place of meeting, discussion, sharing and support.
Beside science, he is interested in music and foreign languages and loves travelling, sports and hiking.

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