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Chemical News

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Updated: 1 week 5 days ago

PFOA in rain worldwide exceeds EPA advisory level

2 August, 2022 - 20:45
Amounts of PFAS in precipitation called “practically irreversible”

Laser-controlled white blood cells deliver nano-sized cargo

2 August, 2022 - 14:49
Optical tweezers steer cellular microbots inside a fish’s tail

US FDA seeks to slash animal testing

2 August, 2022 - 13:07
Advocacy groups push for nonanimal methods to predict the safety of drugs, including cannabinoids

Solar-powered reactor converts CO₂ and water into jet fuel

1 August, 2022 - 21:09
This solar tower fuel plant could pave the way for more sustainable aviation fuels

Ineos makes major China push through deals with Sinopec

29 July, 2022 - 20:58
The firm buys into Sinopec’s former joint venture with BP, forms pacts in polyethylene and styrenics

What makes dissolving detergent pods hold together, and are they safe for the environment?

29 July, 2022 - 18:15
Polyvinyl alcohol provides the pouch for the popular laundry and dishwashing pods

Career Ladder: Michaeleen Doucleff

29 July, 2022 - 17:42
A degree in chemistry helps this award-winning journalist and author look at science news with a critical eye

Vicinitas Therapeutics launches with $65 million for protein stabilization

29 July, 2022 - 00:00
The spin-out from UC Berkeley and Novartis saves needed proteins from destruction

Chemistry in Pictures: Fuzz ball

28 July, 2022 - 18:58

Superb semiconductor keeps its cool

27 July, 2022 - 20:55
Measurements reveal cubic boron arsenide has electrical and thermal properties that are better than silicon’s—but it’s still very difficult to make the material

Amazon River tributary’s rich organic content protects fish from copper

27 July, 2022 - 00:41
Organic matter binds to metal pollution

Start-up Group1 seeks to commercialize potassium-ion batteries

26 July, 2022 - 21:55
Battery chemistry is latest to emerge as lithium prices rise

Announcing the 2022 ACS fellows

26 July, 2022 - 21:23
45 new fellows honored for their contributions to science

Aerosol sensor expert Winnie Chu is passionate about workplace air quality

26 July, 2022 - 18:28
The inventor is building tools for industries to move to real-time monitoring of airborne particulates, like mining dust and pharmaceutical powders

Ginkgo to acquire synbio competitor Zymergen

26 July, 2022 - 17:35
Synthetic biology firm will ditch Zymergen’s product-focused approach

ACS names its 2022 Heroes of Chemistry

25 July, 2022 - 21:50
Chemists are recognized for their contributions to sustainable packaging, dental cements, breast cancer treatments, and formulations that protect against or treat COVID-19

Podcast: For John Goodenough’s 100th birthday, <i>Stereo Chemistry</i> revisits a fan-favorite interview with the renowned scientist

25 July, 2022 - 19:08
Join us in celebrating the lithium-ion-battery pioneer’s latest milestone

C&EN’s Global Top 50 chemical firms for 2022

25 July, 2022 - 03:51
The world’s chemical industry has recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic and is now riding the wave of higher prices

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