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Chemical News

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This feed brings you up-to-the-minute news from C&EN, including daily coverage of the chemistry enterprise, our latest videos and podcasts, and our award-winning feature-length chemistry reporting.
Updated: 5 days 14 hours ago

Method maps reddish pigment in fossil

26 May, 2019 - 23:34
Correlation of sulfur and zinc suggests distribution of pheomelanin

British contract research firms fight to find science talent

26 May, 2019 - 23:33
As business with drug companies grows, keeping the lab bench full is an increasing challenge

Waiting (and waiting) for rejection

26 May, 2019 - 23:29
Chemjobber offers advice on how employers can ease the most difficult part of job searching

Former senator Jeff Flake applies his core values to drug prices, China, and the environment

26 May, 2019 - 23:28
The Arizona conservative echoed the views of chemical executives during a visit to a conference in Chicago

The newest food trend is in the ground

25 May, 2019 - 13:12
Food companies' sustainability goals hinge on soil health

Prohibited CFC production pinpointed to northeast China

25 May, 2019 - 13:11
Region's emissions of ozone-depleting trichlorofluoromethane rose sharply over past decade

Sauerkraut bacteria signal the immune system

25 May, 2019 - 13:11
Metabolite from lactic acid bacteria activates immune cells

Densified wood: A cool way to manage buildings' energy use

25 May, 2019 - 13:10
Modified natural material dissipates heat passively by reflecting visible light and emitting infrared radiation

Plastics crisis

25 May, 2019 - 13:06

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