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Primo Levi Award 2015 - List of finalists

Here the 10 finalists of the Primo Levi Award 2015!

Dynamic characterization of crystalline supramolecular rotors assembled through halogen bonding
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 137 (2015) 15386-15389
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Valentina CAUDA (PoliTO)
Nanobranched ZnO Structure: p‐type doping induces piezoelectric voltage generation and ferroelectric–photovoltaic effect
Adv. Mater. 27 (2015) 4218-4223
Video (ITA)  |  Article

Enzyme-operated DNA-based nanodevices
Nano Lett. 15 (2015) 8407-8411
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Andrea LAMBERTI (PoliTO)
Ultrafast room-temperature crystallization of TiO2 nanotubes exploiting water-vapor treatment
Sci. Rep. 5 (2015) art. no 7808
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Letizia MONICO (CNR)
Evidence for degradation of the Chrome Yellows in van Gogh’s Sunflowers: A study using noninvasive in situ methods and synchrotron‐radiation‐based X‐ray techniques
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 54 (2015) 13923-13927
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Gioele PAGOT (UniPD)
High‐performance olivine for lithium batteries: Effects of Ni/Co doping on the properties of LiFeαNiβCoγPO4 cathodes
Adv. Funct. Mater. 25 (2015) 4032-4037
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Cristian PEZZATO (UniPD)
Transient signal generation in a self-assembled nanosystem fueled by ATP
Nat. Commun. 6 (2015) art. no 7790
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Direct hydrogenation of carbon dioxide by an artificial reductase obtained by substituting rhodium for zinc in the carbonic anhydrase catalytic center. A mechanistic study
ACS Catal. 5 (2015) 5397-5409
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Light-powered autonomous and directional molecular motion of a dissipative self-assembling system
Nat. Nanotechnol. 10 (2015) 70-75
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Chiara SAMORÌ (UniBO)
Dimethyl carbonate and switchable anionic surfactants: Two effective tools for the extraction of polyhydroxyalkanoates from microbial biomass
Green Chem. 17 (2015) 1047-1056
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