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Premio "1000xChemistry" - e GI Diffusione della Cultura Chimica

Nowadays, in the era of the so-called “fake news”, science communication plays a tremendously important role in our society.

Powerful tools for safeguarding and reassuring non-specialized audience are outreach and communication activities, aimed to bring people away from scepticism of scientific concepts by providing reliable information based on science and trust. Even the European Commission judges Outreach and Communication strategies as one of the Criteria to get an EU project funded, i.e. MSCA - H2020.

With regard to outreach activities that imply a two-way communication between the researcher and the public (workshops, public talks, etc.), the communication only goes in one direction from the sender to the receiver, representing a faster way for penetrating deeper into the social network (TV, Radio, blogs).

A scientific communication reach success if the topic is attractive, the social relevance is high, and it is explained by using an accessible language. The ultimate objective is to explain the benefits of research to a broader audience. In this context, plenty of attractive and socially relevant topics belong to the field of Chemistry, i.e. nanotechnology, diagnostics, synthesis, drug and material design, etc. Therefore, outreach and communication activities should be promoted and encouraged to trigger the general public curiosity and foster trust in the essential role of Chemistry in our society.

With the support of, the “Dissemination of Chemical Culture” interdivisional group of the Italian Chemical Society would like to invite under-35 to submit a 1000-word blog-style article on a selected topic in Chemistry. The first edition of the “1000xChemistry” points towards everyone who is committed to share with the general public a subject in Chemistry and Chemical Science by communicating reliable information in a clear and communicative fashion.

Submissions accepted from 22/11/2018 to 31/01/19. Call details below.

1000xChemistry call

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