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1000xChemistry: winners of the 1st edition announced!

With the first edition of the “1000xChemistry” contest the "Diffusione della Cultura Chimica" (Dissemination of Chemical Culture) interdivisional group and ChemistryViews invited under-35 to submit a 1000-word maximum blog-style article on a selected topic in Chemistry. The contest pointed towards everyone committed to share with the general public a subject in Chemistry and Chemical Science by communicating reliable information in a clear and communicative fashion. 

15 essays were received, all of them perfectly coherent with the aim of the call. According to clear message (50%), quality (30%), and originality (20%) criteria the judging committee has now rendered a final decision and awarded with the 1st prize Dr. Luca Rivoira, Università degli Studi di Torino (IT), and with the 2nd prize Dr. Francesca Lorandi from Carneige Mellon University (USA).

In particular, Luca described in a very clear and communicative fashion new materials for waters cleaning and how their use fulfill the principle of the "circular economy", a socially relevant topic belonging to the field of Chemistry.

Francesca talked about an everyday life issue: the charging of our smartphones (and the blaming of their fast discharge). In a very blog-style fashion, Francesca revealed all the secrets related to this simple action, explaining all of the chemistry behind it.

Both the essays are attched herein.

The "Diffusione della Cultura Chimica" board, ChemistryViews, and the Committee express their sincere congratulations to the winners for this attainment and to all of the participants for their commitment in chemistry communication. 



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